Magnetic Floating Acrylic Plaques are made of MDF and magnetic stand-offs for easy assembly. The acrylic is ¼ inch thick. They come in 3 sizes and 2 finishes- Carbon Fiber and Rosewood Piano Finish. They are easily customizable by either laser engraving or rotary engraving.

High Gloss Floating Acrylic Plaque

  • WPXCFB - Carbon Fiber - 8"x10"

    WPXCFC - Carbon Fiber - 9"x12"

    WPXCFD - Carbon Fiber - 10.5"x13"

    WPXROB - Rosewood - 8"x10"

    WPXROC - Rosewood - 9"x12"

    WPXROD - Rosewood - 10.5"x13"