Black Marble Finish Plaques are unique! They come in multiple sizes. They are 5/8 inch thick and have a keyhole on 2 sides.  Completed example on page with BKM10 - 8"x10" plaque with sublimated plate.


Sizes and plating styles will vary.  Please contact us for pricing.

Black Marble Finish Plaque

  • BKM6 - 4.5"x6.5"

    BKM7 - 5"x7"

    BKM8 - 6"x8"

    BKM9 - 7"x9"

    BKM10 - 8"x10"

    BKM12 - 9"x12"

    BKM13 - 10.5"x13"

    BKM15 - 12"x15"

    BKM18 - 12"x18"