About Us



JD's House of Trophies was established in 1973 and today is one of the areas largest retailer of awards and promotional items!  What started out with a single hand engraving machine has turned into a family run company with multiple engraving and personalization processes that can be done in house by our highly trained staff. 

Whether it's a single item to honor a loved one or thousands of items for an event, let us take care of it!  You will be guided through the process by our front office staff in order to find the right items for you within your budget.

Can't make it into our showroom?  Contact us for item pictures, quotes or ideas.  We can also ship your order to you, your company or even to your event site.  All you have to do is ask!

With over 45 years in the industry, let us help you with your award and promotional needs!



I forgot to order awards for my event tomorrow, is it too late?


At JD's House of Trophies we understand that things get busy!  Contact our office at 605-339-2842 and let us know what you need and we will take care of it.  We do nearly everything in-house and can rush orders through production if needed.



My order is finished but I forgot to pick it up but it is after hours and my event is tonight.  Am I out of luck?


Our staff is very attentive to the event dates of our customers.  If we notice you haven't picked up your order and your event is imminent we will do our best to call you right away.  If it is after hours, please send us an email or contact us on Facebook and if one of our amazing staff members is available we will set up a time for you to pick up your order after hours.



Do you take old trophies?


We do and can dispose of them for you.

I just placed my order but I realized I spelled the recipient's name wrong.  Can you fix it?


We all make mistakes!  Please let us know about the error and we will happily get it changed for you - often at no charge!  The same goes for our production team.  They can make mistakes and rest assured we will always correct any errors that may occur.



I bought an item online from a different company but they made a mistake.  What should I do?


It depends on the item.  Bring the item into our store if you can or email us a picture.  If we aren't able to correct the item (for example a sandblasted glass piece) we can work with you to find a comparable replacement in your time frame.



What are your delivery options?


For many smaller items we will use the post office (USPS) to mail your order to you.  For larger items we ship through FedEx and can provide tracking numbers for those shipments if requested.